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An Unbound Testimony: Power & Grace

A few years ago I was blessed to travel to Tanzania with Harvesters Men's Ministries to evangelise and preach the Gospel. I was giving a teaching on scripture to a gathering of around 300 locals of all ages on a Sunday afternoon in a church which was basically a huge tin roof set on concrete pillars - no sides, no doors, no windows.

Having travelled to African nations previously I had grown used to the manifestations that often accompanied any of my prayer ministry or teaching. It was more than usually accompanied with groans, moans, screams and various other forms of demonic manifestation which I always found very unnerving and really disliked quite intensely. However, on this occasion, I had travelled to Tanzania with a newly acquired book "Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance" by Neal Lozano. The book made perfect sense to me and so I decided to apply the Five Keys of Unbound in my currently men's teaching session. I hoped that by following the Five Keys, I would be able to reduce the unpleasant and undignified aspects of the ministry session with this wonderful group of men.

I pulled out the Unbound book and took the gathering of men through the Five Keys: Repentance & Declarations of Faith, Forgiveness, Renouncing Enemies & Lies, Take back Authority and the Fathers Blessing. It was extraordinary. Over 300 Africans went through these steps with me leading them and there was total silence! So, slightly disbelieving, I asked the question, "Did anybody experience freedom, or a sense of something leaving?" Loads of hands were raised in acknowledgment. Indeed, many said that the power and glory of God had come down on them so powerfully, they were unable to raise their hands to acknowledge their regained freedom!

Derek Williams is a Catholic Lay Evangelist in the UK. His passion is teaching the Word of God and leading people to a personal encounter with the risen Lord. He has been involved in evangelisation since 1990 and has given many parish retreats, seminars and spoken at conferences, all over the world.


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