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Finding Your Freedom in Christ

A safe, gentle & effective Christian, deliverance, prayer ministry based in Lincoln in the UK.

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We are a Deliverance Prayer Ministry based in Lincoln in the UK using the Five Keys of Neal Lozano's UNBOUND prayer model.

UNBOUND Deliverance Prayer is a safe, gentle and non-confrontational freedom and healing prayer model developed by Neal Lozano. This model helps people reclaim their true identity in Christ as sons & daughters of God the Father.  Unbound prayer ministry focuses on people, NOT evil spirits. It is a quiet, loving, reproducible model that helps people respond to the good news of the Gospel and apply truth to their lives using UNBOUND's "5 Keys".



We pray with people using the "5 Keys" of UNBOUND to close the doors on sin and evil influences & unlock the door to the Father’s plan & blessings for your life. 

The "5 Keys" are:

  - Repentance & Faith,

  - Forgiveness,

  - Renunciation,

  - Authority, and

  - the Father’s Blessing.




  • worried, stressed or with anxiety;
  • suffering from procrastination, perfectionism or approval-seeking;

  • living with chaos, drama or overwhelming difficulties;

  • feeling shame, guilt, inadequacy, or depression;

  • feeling hurt or wounded by a situation, person or place 

  • feeling they have settled for second best and are not living an abundant life in Jesus;

  • struggling with the same bad habits or patterns or confessing the same sin again and again;

  • with prolonged grief, anger, sadness, loneliness, bitterness or resentment;

  • feeling hopeless or who doesn’t feel they have a personal relationship with God;

  • wishing to tap into the power of the Gospel;

  • struggling with addictions or addictive behaviour;

  • frustrated with their spiritual growth;

  • bound up by negative patterns or thoughts;

  • wishing to help someone else;

  • who is a Pastor/Counsellor wanting a greater understanding of hidden negative influences; and

  • who wants to learn more about deliverance ministry.


BEFORE receiving UNBOUND ministry, you need to be familiar with the first 7 chapters of the book: "Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance" by Neal Lozano.

Neal Lozano has laid out a strategy, based on his years of experience, for you to overcome Satan's influence in your life. By focusing on Jesus' work, instead of on the intimidating aspects of evil spirits, Lozano will help you: 

- discover freedom from sin
- understand the biblical model of deliverance
- stay free from sin
- guide others to freedom and much more.

Balanced and hopeful, Unbound will help you start living the abundant, glorious life God has in mind for you. 

If you are interested in receiving UNBOUND prayer ministry, please read the page "Get Ministry" first.

You can also find out more about us, get involved and help us out by clicking on the "Find Out More" button below...

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