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Please visit our "UK TEAMS" website page to find the nearest UK Team for you.  

The UNBOUND Lincoln Team, when possible, offer ministry on one Saturday a month and sometimes also on one weekday morning each month.  Very occasionally and subject to our discernment we will offer ministry online, for example, on Zoom.


If you are interested in receiving Unbound prayer Ministry, please read the information on this page in full. 

If, after having read the information here, you wish to request ministry, please go to the "Contact Us" page. Please provide a mobile or landline number so we are able to contact you by text/phone call.

What must I do before requesting an UNBOUND Ministry session?

One of the requirements for receiving Unbound ministry from us is that you have read the book “Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance” by Neal Lozano before your ministry session.  You can buy this book in our Shop and from other good bookshops.  If you prefer to listen rather than read, 'Unbound' is also available by Audiobook.  

Alternatively, instead of reading the book, you could purchase the “Unbound: Freedom in Christ Conference" talks available HERE or take part in the online "Freedom in Christ" E-Course HERE.

One of the things that distinguishes Unbound Prayer Ministry from other types of deliverance ministry is that it is a safe, gentle and non-confrontational model.  The ministry team leads the person through the 5 keys of UNBOUND but most of the 'work' is done by the person who has asked for prayer.  For this to be possible, we want everyone who receives ministry to have an understanding of the model and the 5 keys.

Image by Jack Sharp

Ministry Sessions

UNBOUND Ministry is not always the right ministry for everyone who asks for ministry.  Therefore, we are not able to guarantee an Unbound ministry session to everyone who contacts us. However, we will do our best to guide you toward other ministry options or to pray with you in a more general way.


We try to arrange ministry times to accommodate your dates and times for ministry.  However, we are volunteers so ministry times have to fit in with our family and working lives.  We will always do our very best to meet your needs wherever possible.

We may refer you to another UK team, if they are nearer to you so that you have the opportunity to receive prayer 'in person’.  Whilst we offer some limited Unbound 'online' ministry sessions, it is not the right choice for everyone.

Before requesting ministry, why not watch the video below which explains what an UNBOUND Ministry session looks like?

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