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"I feel so blessed to have discovered Unbound and so grateful for the experience.  It has only been a week and so much has already changed in my life.  I feel so much more empowered and like I’m becoming myself again, step by step.  I know that my healing is a long journey but it feels like last Saturday removed a major block from my life that was preventing me from moving forward in freedom.  What I received during the prayer was a sense of identity – I am a daughter of God and that’s all that I need.  I am enough just as He created me.  Just knowing that on its own has started healing so many of my wounds.  I now have the foundation, a clean slate to start building my life again and from a much healthier standpoint, it’s like I’m a new-born........"

~ Edyta


“Without the love of the person leading you through that prayer, it's just another prayer but Unbound Ministry is not just another prayer.  This is the way to find that ultimate freedom.  When I was led to the final part - the command - it was like someone ripping something out of me that had become part of me and had grow around me and become part of my core…..The thing that sealed me in my freedom today was the Father’s Blessing….it is like a protection around me.  For me, Unbound ministry has set me free….”

~ Noel, Halifax, UK

Flying eagles in the mountains
Beauty of Flight


“During my ministry session, I realised that I had believed the lie that ‘I have to be responsible for my siblings’.  It was a lie that had held me in so much bondage that I had carried as such a burden…. When that lie was renounced, I saw in my spirit the most beautiful hot air balloon rising in freedom. 

As I was receiving the Father’s Blessing (I had never been blessed as a son), I was aware of the prayer leader’s hand on my shoulder and I felt for the first time that I was completely affirmed and blessed as a son by my Father, “Abba” - “Daddy”.  As time has passed since my Unbound session, having that lie broken off my life and receiving that blessing, has totally changed my relationships. I am not as hard on other people, nor on myself - and I can enjoy each day as a son of God the Father.”

~ Tom, Liverpool, UK

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