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The ministry model of UNBOUND is an inner healing and deliverance model that is safe, gentle and non-confrontational.  The ministry is founded in scripture & the teachings of the Catholic Church and is based on the joy of the gospel message represented by the five keys of UNBOUND ministry.  The founder of UNBOUND as a model of ministry is a committed Roman Catholic, Neal Lozano.  Neal has had more than 50 years of experience of helping people find  a deeper freedom in Jesus Christ. He is the author of eight books including the life-changing book Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance, now in 20 languages. Neal holds a Master’s Degree in Religious Education, was a teacher for many years and is the founder of a Christian community.


Our deepest wish is for everyone in the UK to have the opportunity to receive this beautiful inner healing and freedom ministry.  The 5 keys are an amazing and innovative evangelisation tool for every priest and lay person to have in their 'Evangelism Toolkit' - the keys are the joy of the gospel in a bag!  Our desire is to see hearts opened and ready to receive the abundance of what living a life in Jesus is.  We pray that this prayer model will be a catalyst for a change of attitude towards deliverance prayer ministry within our communities, parishes and churches in Britain.

As a ministry, we run UNBOUND teaching & training events, retreats, conferences and workshops around the UK, online and in-person.  Please contact us if there is an event that you would like us to run or be involved with.  We are also happy to provide Speakers for events upon request.

UNBOUND Training & Events UK (which incorporates the 'Unbound Lincoln Ministry Team') is currently an unregistered charity with a Constitution and Trustees. However, we have begun the process of registering as a formal charity with the Charity Commission.


We run this ministry with the permission and blessing of the Right Reverend Patrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham.  However, we are an outward facing, missionary ministry which is ecumenical and ministers to and with all Christian faiths.

Click here to find out more about our Core Team.


UNBOUND Training & Events UK came into existence slowly over several years.  Initially, beginning in 2016, the ministry was simply known as 'Unbound Lincoln Ministry'.  The team initially spent many months were spent undergoing ministry training and putting paperwork and protocols in place.  In due course a Spiritual Director was appointed by the Bishop.  A website was developed and the team began public ministry in early 2019.  As time passed, the ministry became more and more involved in national UK UNBOUND training and events.  


In November 2019, the 'UNBOUND Lincoln Team' (as it was then known) partnered with the 'SION Community' to organise and host the highly successful, national "UNBOUND Freedom in Christ Conferences" and the "UNBOUND Priest Day Retreat" with international speakers Matt Lozano (from Heart of the Father Ministries, USA) and Therese Griffin (from Global Awakening), in both Sheffield and Brentwood and at Oscott Catholic Seminary, near Birmingham.  Since then, the ministry has held several online training events and in-person Conferences, Retreats and Workshops, as well as participated in many Conferences, Workshops and Retreat held by other organisers.

In 2024, 'UNBOUND Training & Events UK' will host the "UNBOUND EUROPEAN CATHOLIC PRIEST RETREAT 2024" in the Diocese of Nottingham with priests travelling from all over Europe to attend.  This is the first time an UNBOUND Priest Retreat has been held outside the USA and will feature International Speakers and Authors,  Neal Lozano and his son Matt Lozano.  They will be accompanied by the Canadian Bishop, the Most Rev. Scott McCaig, C.C..

Visit our Events page to find out more.


VISIT OUR TESTIMONIALS PAGE for some uplifting stories which are just a few that we have received about what God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit has been doing through the 5 Keys of UNBOUND in ministry.  Praise the Lord!

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