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God, can I hear You?

One of the beautiful gifts of Unbound ministry is that the team and participant hear God’s voice.

* As a Ministry Leader, you are hearing the participant’s story but your spirit is listening to Holy Spirit for direction, clarity and Truth.

* As an Intercessor, you are hearing what God is doing, bringing it to Jesus and asking Jesus what He wants to release to the Leader and Participant which is Truth.

* As the Participant, there is a time when the ministry leader will ask, “anything else?” In that moment, what comes to one's mind typically doesn’t have anything to do with what has been discussed. Participant's will often say, "I don’t know why this came to mind but....". Frequently it will be a major key to their freedom - a profound 'Truth'. This is the time to help the participant recognise that they are hearing God’s voice clearly because where the Spirit of the Lord is, the Spirit of Truth, there is freedom (2 COR 3:17).

I have traveled the world teaching people how to hear God’s voice. People will say, "I can’t hear God, pray for me to hear His voice". I believe He’s already speaking and their inquiry comes from a place of recognising that He’s speaking! Since we know that God is not a liar and there are many examples in scripture (both in the Old and New Testament) where God is not only speaking but pursuing us first, then He must be talking. He called to Adam in the Garden, “Adam, where are you?” I chuckle when I read this. Seriously, did the omnipotent God not know where Adam was hiding? It was and is an invitation into relationship. The book of Acts chapters 2, 9,10, 21,23, and Luke 8 is filled with examples of Jesus, disciples and followers (like us), having conversations with Holy Spirit and Jesus.

After Jesus rose from the dead, He moved from being a 'God of Visitation' to a 'God of Habitation' and Holy Spirit now resides within each of us. He speaks to us in many ways: audible hearing, visions, seeing pictures, trances, inner voice, a knowing, a prompting, a feeling, in dreams and in Jesus manifesting Himself before you. And yet, when we ask to hear His voice, the first thing that we do is negate that He is speaking (See the servant’s response in Gen 24:12-21). Maybe we have done a poor job modeling this in our churches and Bible studies where we talk to God and immediately 'hang up' with an “Amen”? Perhaps with this, we are demonstrating that God isn’t going to respond, only listen?

Jesus declared the Truth when He said, “I am the Good Shepherd, and I know My own, and My own know Me” (Jn 10:14). He includes everyone in this - both those who know Him and those who are yet to know Him. “And I have other sheep that are not of this fold….they shall hear My voice and there shall be one sheepfold and one shepherd” (Jn 10:16). Jesus always wants relationship.

So let us recognise His glorious voice today:

Place your hand on your heart and declare this:

*. Jesus, I thank You that I will recognise Your voice because You tell me that I CAN hear You.

* In Jesus' name, I break agreement with the lie that You are not speaking to me and that I can’t hear You. * In the name of Jesus, I bless my spirit to hear You Jesus in this moment in the way that You want to talk to me:- seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, visions, dreams, trances, and encountering You.

Take a moment.... Recognise His voice.... Have a conversation....

Therese Griffin is a graduate of Global Awakening's School of Ministry where she served Janet & Matt Lozano when they introduced Unbound. She serves locally & internationally for Heart of the Father Ministries and is an experienced Unbound Minister.


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