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10 Lies to Renounce

God has a plan for our life and Satan wants to steal it... The Prince of Lies, the Deceiver, wants you to believe his lies about you and your life. Part of the Unbound prayer model involves identifying the lies in your life and renouncing them in the name of Jesus.

Here are a few of the common lies that we may believe:

  • I’ll never amount to anything - I’ll never be a success - I am a failure

  • I have to do it all myself - No one will help me

  • I am a terrible Mum / Dad / Grandparent / Son / Daughter

  • I am a victim - I can’t do anything right - I’m not able to do anything

  • Nothing good ever happens or will ever happen to me

  • I can’t do anything about it - I can’t fight back - I’m too weak

  • God made a mistake when He made me a man / woman

  • The enemy / satan is stronger than God

  • I’m stupid - I’m bad - I’m dirty - I’m shameful - I’m sick - I’m nasty

  • God could never love me / never forgive me

young woman eyes closed in prayer

We don't have to be burdened with lies about our lives. By using Unbound's "5 Keys", you can find your freedom in Christ. Contact us to arrange your Unbound prayer appointment.

Partly reproduced from Heart of the Father Ministries Appendix B – Unbound Ministry Guidebook Copyright © 2004 Heart of the Father Ministries. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy without permission.


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