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A Prophetic 'Word' for Unbound Ministry in the UK...

In March this year, I heard a 'word' that I immediately knew was for the mission of Unbound ministry in the UK. For months, several of us working in this ministry have been praying for God to direct us. It is our heart's desire that this Unbound mission in the UK may be all about God and glorifying God; and not about our hopes and plans! This ministry is after all, not ours but His.

Our desire to lead and guide those embarking on ministering using Unbound in the UK, requires us to be really open and docile to the Lord and to carefully discern the way He wishes to take us and the speed He wants us to go. Part of what we hope to offer those who find this website, is advice and assistance on how we can all move forward in the various parts of the UK, as Unbound teams. This will look a little different for each of us - whether individually or as part of a new Unbound Team. So we have been praying about this a lot!

The ‘word’ I received was a direct answer to specific prayer asking for God's Wisdom, guidance and discernment for how to best guide new Unbound teams forward in ministry. Please humour me as I would like to share the word I heard and then relate it to Unbound ministry in the UK:

“A river has to begin somewhere, such as a spring before it becomes a gentle, small stream that is joined, along its path, by other streams. But the water will only flow where the contours of the land allow and direct it. The Lord says that “He” is the contour of the land who will shape and form the path and flow of this stream that will become a river. Allow it to flow - allow it to flow - allow it to flow.

I am not calling you to build a canal that follows a defined route to a specific destination with manmade locks to change water levels. You do not need to do this. A canal is contained but a river flows and joins the sea where it becomes one, with so much more than itself. I want you to trust me and go with my flow.“

The patience we have all had to endure following the onslaught of Covid-19 in early 2020 until now, with all the delays and the cancelling of events and plans; has been testing. In all this, we have all had to ‘wait on the Lord’ and find new ways of working.

We, as passionate supporters of Unbound ministry who wish to take Unbound to new places in the UK, do not want to create a ‘man-made’ canal going in a straight line from A to B - contained and restricted. We want to be the ‘streams’, that then join the river which then flows where it needs to flow, and picks up what it needs to pick up on its way - until it joins the sea, where it becomes so much more than itself - so much more than we could have envisaged when we planned our canal.

So let us not be despondent or anxious when we believe that nothing seems to be happening. God has great plans for this ministry in the UK and He will reward our faithfulness, our resilience, our fortitude, our patience, our tenacity, as we follow the mellifluous meanderings of the Unbound river in the UK as it heads for the great, limitless open sea of freedom.......

Sue is the Team Leader of 'Unbound Lincoln' and is involved in the training of Unbound Teams across the UK.


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